YOKA consists of breathing techniques, movement series, massage techniques, energy solidarity studies, sea Yoka, forest walks, which Yogi Kazim developed after years of experimentation and experience.






In this module you receive the basic knowledge to practice and experience the effect of Yoka System® on your body. The Yoka System® Master teachers will guide you with the sequence, pace and the variations needed to execute the movements on your own. Due to repetition you will directly feel the impact of the practice. 


In this module you will refine, deepen and extend your practice as well as your knowledge of the system. We dive deeper into the system's logic and learn the more complex movements of the series. As you have achieved the routine with practice after the first module and built greater strength and insightsyou will now be able to safely face the practices that require endurance and speed.

You learn how to teach the Yoka System®.Based on your own practice you are now ready to receive the skills and put the tools together to become a competent Yoka teacher. With a step by step method you learn how teach the whole sequence in an effective and easy way. 

'' The sufferings are called as diseases which are placed between brain and sacrum and at joint spacings. I found out that people live happily and healthy by opening / clearing their centers at the brain and after helping them for surrendering to their own power and dominance of their own soul.''


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