Hikmet Gurbuz

Hikmet Gurbuz was born in Germany. Her family used to have a Yoga Studio there. Her father, Yogi Kazim Gurbuz is the first yogi who brought Yoga to Turkey in the mid 50s. Hikmet, started practising yoga at a very early age, since then she has been practising and teaching yoga in many different styles. She grew up mostly with the practise of her father's yoga system (YOKA) which has a healing power for recovery of paralyzed people.  Due to YOKA system, Hikmet Gürbüz focuses on therapy side of yoga and she studied on Yoga Therapy with different teachers. She studied Viniyoga Therapy Module from Gary Kraftsow in 2008 and in 2011 she met with Svastha Yoga Therapy which has been developed by Dr. Günter Niessen and Dr. Ganes Mohan. Dr. Ganesh Mohan is son of A.G.Mohan who was together with Krishnamacharya for 18 years. Other than father's yoga system (YOKA) and Yoga Therapy, she was inspired by Shiva Rea's Prana Flow System and she adopted Rea's method into her teachings. Her aim is helping people to let them heal themselves via Yoga Therapy and YOKA System. Hikmet had also studied with many of today's well-known yoga teachers which include David Swenson, N.V. Raghuram. Besides her yoga background she graduated from Sports Academy in İstanbul. She is licensed trainer by the HIS Federasyonu (Turkish Sport For All Federation). She has been doing her Msc Yoga in Svyasa Yoga University. Meantime she has yoga lectures at one of the private university in Istanbul, Istanbul Aydın University.