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The Yoka System is a full body workout that provides the stamina, strength and flexibility you need to be good and fit. This lively and brisk flow, which is worked with the body's own weight; Strengthens the body using repetitions, speed, and various stretches. Floor exercises, pull-up exercises, breathing exercises, bandha and massage techniques are applied.

Yoka System® addresses and nourishes all tissues and joints; improves balance, flexibility and coordination.  As it repairs and renews the Nervous System, it also rejuvenates and renews the Cardiovascular System and Respiratory System. Knowledge gained from modern science shows that the methods used in the Yoka System® allow healthy aging.


The Yoka System® was developed over 65 years ago by Yogi Kazım Gürbüz, based on his decades of yoga experience and his own experience of recovering from a serious accident that damaged his spine and left him paralyzed.

In this process, he has helped many people regain their health, not only for himself, but also for having the Yoka System® applied according to their individual needs. Yogi Kazım, who will soon turn 100 years old, has delegated all the powers to his daughter, Hikmet Gürbüz, to introduce and spread his experience and wisdom to the world.

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Become a Yoka System® Instructor


To become a Yoka System Trainer, we offer a training divided into 3 modules, each lasting five days. The modules guide you to experience the effect of the Yoka System® on your own body, learn about the different practices that vary according to individual needs, and then teach the system to others.

Therefore, participation in all 3 modules is mandatory. Our aim; is to train distinguished, self-confident and competent Yoka System® Instructors.

Yogi Kazım Gürbüz used all his knowledge to try to get back on his feet after his traffic accident. He changed and accelerated his yoga movements, developed a massage technique to stimulate blood circulation and keep the tissues alive, and spread Yoka to every moment of life, even if it was necessary. He often saw the students around him flexing forward while chatting, moving his fingers constantly, walking backwards or with different steps when going somewhere, or going up the mountain by placing the chairlift button on his neck while skiing. 

Self-control with will is the secret to success."

Yogi Kazim

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