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Become a Yoka System® Instructor

Teach other people to stay healthy

In this module you will learn how to teach the Yoka System®. You have evolved in your own practice and are now ready to acquire new skills and put all the pieces together to become a proficient Yoka® Instructor. You will learn how to teach the whole series effectively and easily, in a step-by-step method. You will learn to use variations to adapt your lessons to students of different levels, from beginner to advanced.

We will provide detailed teaching materials and guide you to create classes at different levels. Supported by a private trainer; You will learn  commands, student observation and corrections in postures. You will develop your teaching skills to help the student apply the practice correctly and prevent injuries.

We'll show you how to deal with the challenges your students may face and how to organize and promote your Yoka® course. At the end of this module you will receive a certificate for teaching the Yoka® System.


You will improve your teaching skills. (Observing the student, finding possible mistakes, corrections in movements, manual correction techniques, correct movement techniques, harmony, etc.)


Some areas you will specialize in at the end of the program:

- How to teach a group lesson?

- Teach the system to students of different levels - improve your skills to become a competent instructor

- Learn effective ways to teach, support and correct Yoka® movements

- Adaptation of the application to different individuals

- understand and learn the physiology of the locomotor, cardiovascular and respiratory system


Questions to be answered:

- Where to start teaching the system?

- How to teach beginners and athletes?

- What are the ways to motivate students and how to keep the interest alive?

- What are the benefits of the Yoka® System from a holistic body perspective?

- How to create and promote the Yoka® System?

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