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'Increase your knowledge, deepen and heal'

In this module, you will develop, deepen and broaden your knowledge of the practice as well as your knowledge of the system. We dive deeper into the logic of the system and learn the more complex movements of the Yoka® series. After the first module, you will be able to confidently move on to practices that require endurance and speed, as you reach routine in your practice and develop more strength and understanding. We will work on variations to apply in various situations. We will deepen your knowledge of the biomechanical and functional anatomy of the locomotor system and examine ways to deal with the most common problems. We will also develop understanding of the effects of Yoka® on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system.


Some areas you will specialize in at the end of the program:

- Go deeper in your own practice with the principle of safer and more effective practice

- Correct execution of Advanced Yoka System® movements

- Gain deep and detailed knowledge of alignment, biomechanics and anatomy

- Educational aspects of the Yoka System®

- Variations on the Yoka System® and Vinyasa Kramaof moves


Questions to be answered:

- How and why should a complete and regular application be made?

- How and why should speed and endurance be increased?

- What is the effect of Yoka® on the cardiovascular system?

- How does Yoka® affect the respiratory system?

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