1961 - Had a fatal traffic accident and he paralyzed by a broken back. (waist) He was concious however he couldn’t control his body totally, he was paraplegiad. Doctors said that he will not be able to walk again. After that accident Yogi Kazim, review his life and he thinks that “I did something wrong and I must recover my mistakes by Islamic mysticismand ascetism studies, I will be trying find out the reality while I will be travelling around Anatolia (Turkey). Meanwhile I will be applying my methods on the children who are called as disabled by physic and will be healing them. “ and he started his devotion study which continued for years. As he mentioned Yogi Kazim started his ascetism studies. He visited Turkish schools one by one by order of National Education Ministiry. He gave speeches, conducted conferences at schools and gave demonstrations on his body. From time to time his healing studies was complained toauthorities however under decision of Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel he was allowed to continue his job by a “MassagePermit” which had been approved by Turkish parliament. Yogi Kazim became the football trainer of German Offenbach Kickers team even though he didn’t interested in football. He was occasionally working with footballers indidually and also working all together and by increasing their heart and lung functional condition and muscle strength he could carry the team to German 1st league.


“The sufferings are called as diseases which are placed between brain and sacrum and at joint spacings. I found out that people live happily and healthy by opening /clearing their centers at the brain and after helping them for surrendering to their own power and dominance of their ownsoul. ”

He was invited to Germany in 1973. He went to Germany and his works followed by professor ortopedists. Yogi Kazim didn’t disconnect to Turkey. Yogi didn’t disconnect with Turkey. While Yogi Kazim and his wife Ulku Gurbuz were giving lectures in a therapy center at Brachttal Germany, they were also curing patients whose expenses covered by German Social Security Office. Yogi Kazim and his family went to Ivory Coasts for curing bad fast King ofIvory Coasts when king was 84 years old. After treatment King could walk. He cured lots of politicians, businessman. North West London University in England gave title of honory doctor to Yogi Kazim.