The Yoka System is a whole body work out that provides you with the endurance, strength and flexibility needed to be well and fit. This focused sequence of brisk flowing own body-weight exercises builds power by using repetitions, velocity and various ways of stretching. Floor and hanging exercises, breath work, bandha and massage techniques are applied. Yoka® addresses and nourishes all tissues and joints and improves balance, flexibility and coordination. It rejuvenates the cardiovascular and respiratory system as well as restoring the nervous system. Insights from modern science show, that the methods used in Yoka® allow for healthy aging.  


The Yoka® System was developed by Yogi Kazim Gürbüz over 65 years ago based on decades of yoga practice and his experience of recovery from a severe accident damaging his spine. In the process he helped many people to regain their health adapting the sequence of movements to individual needs. Soon to be a hundred years old, Yogi Kazim allowed his daughter Hikmet Gürbüz to spread his experience and wisdom into the world. 


Become a Yoka® teacher  

In order to become a Yoka® teacher we offer a training divided in three modules; five days each. The modules guide you from practicing Yoka® in order to experience the impact on your own body, to learn the variations according to individual needs and then teaching it to others. Therefore, all three modules are obligatory. Our desire is to make you an outstanding, confident and competent Yoka® teacher.