In this module you receive the basic knowledge to practice and experience the effect of Yoka System® on your body. The Yoka System® Master teachers will guide you with the sequence, pace and the variations needed to execute the movements on your own. Due to repetition you will directly feel the impact of the practice. You learn;

- To build endurance, strength, stamina and speed 

- Principles of an effective self-practice 

- Correct and safe execution of the Yoka® movements 

- Basics of alignment, biomechanics and anatomy 


Questions like the following will be answered: 

- Why is Yoka System® so efficient?  

- Which techniques are used?
- Which effects does it have on the locomotor system?

- Which is the best way for you to do the specific movements?

- Which muscles and joints are affected and in which way?

- What is the history of the system and who is Yogi Kazim?

- How and when to practice? 



In this module you will refine, deepen and extend your practice as well as your knowledge of the system. We dive deeper into the system's logic and learn the more complex movements of the series. As you have achieved the routine with practice after the first module and built greater strength and insights you will now be able to safely face the practices that require endurance and speed. We study the variations to be applied in various conditions. We deepen the knowledge of biomechanics and functional anatomy of the locomotor system and learn to manage the most common problems. Also, we start to acquire understanding of the impact of Yoka® on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. You learn;

- To proceed in depth with the principles for a safe and more effective self-practice

- The correct execution of the advanced Yoka System® movements 

- In-depth details of alignment, biomechanics and anatomy

- Didactical aspects of the Yoka System®

- Variations and Vinyasa Kramaof Yoka® movements


Questions like the following will be answered:

· How and why to build a solid regular practice?

- How and why to enhance speed and endurance? 

- What impact does Yoka® have on the cardiovascular system?

- How does Yoka® affect the respiratory system?



You learn how to teach the Yoka System®. Based on your own practice you are now ready to receive the skills and put the tools together to become a competent Yoka teacher. With a step by step method you learn how teach the whole sequence in an effective and easy way. You learn to use the variations to adapt the lessons to students with different levels of physical fitness, from beginners to athletes. We provideyou with detailed teaching material and guide you from section to section on how to build up classes for different levels. Supported personally by a tutor, you improve your teaching skills, i.e. verbal cueing, student observation, detecting and correcting mistakes and assisting hands on, in order to avoid injury and further refine your students’ practice. We show you how to deal with difficulties of your students and how tosetup and promote your Yoka® course. In the end of this module you receive a certificate to teach the Yoka® System.

You improve your teaching skills (Observing people, finding the usual mistakes, correcting movements, hands on, being in the right …, aliening)  

You learn;

- How to teach a group class

- How to teach the different levels of fitness - to develop your skills to become a competent teacher

- You learn efficient ways to teach, assist and correct the Yoka®movements

- The adaptation of the practice to the person

- You learn to understand the physiology of the locomotor, cardiovascular and respiratory system


Questions like the following will be answered:

- Where to start teaching the System?

- How to teach to beginners and athletes?

- How to motivate students and how to keep the interest alive?

- What are the benefits of the Yoka® System from a whole-body perspective?
- How to setup and promote Yoka® System?