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Learn to Practice Safely

In this module, you will learn the basics to apply the Yoka System® and directly experience its effect on your body. Yoka System® Master Instructors will guide you through the sequence, pace, and variations you need to practice the moves yourself. You will directly feel the effect of the application with repetitions.


Some areas you will specialize in at the end of the program:

- Building strength, endurance and flexibility in the body

- Effective practice principles for your own practice

- Correct and safe execution of Yoka® movements

- Basics of alignment, knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy

Questions to be answered:

- Why is Yoka® so effective?

- What techniques are used?

- What effects does it have on the locomotor system?

- What's the best way to do certain moves?

- What kind of effects does it have on which muscles and joints?

- How was the Yoka® System born and who is Yogi Kazım?

- How and when to practice?

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